From stoneware to linen, we offer a wide variety of products to decorate your tabletop.  Whether its for everyday use or for special holiday settings we can assist in choosing pieces to make your table inviting and beautiful. 

Juliska is an inspired selection of stoneware, hand pressed glass and mouth blown glass.  Their stoneware comes in an array of different colors with a few different designs and is very useable.  Because of the glazing process, their pieces are very chip resistant and can go from the freezer directly into a 500 degree oven.  Their glassware is something to behold, beautiful, thin, lightweight and divine to drink from.

Bella Notte is known for their ethereal and romantic shabby chic style for bedding, and this year they have introduced a new selection of table linens that are just as gorgeous and stunning for your table.  

Direct from France is Le Jacquard Francais who is known for their unique and occassionally bold color combinations.  LJF takes table linens and elevates them to a whole new level making your table a piece of art.  

Yves Delorme, also from France, has its own line of beautiful table linens that will make a classy statement in any dining room.

If you just need a pop of color that is a little more casual, check out Pine Cone Hill for their fun napkins and placemats.